About Us

BoostThruTM was birthed out of a vision that Saskia received in 2022 to create a platform to enable professionals in distress to access on-demand coaching and various resources to navigate their hardships in the workplace or at home.

Called and Qualified

Saskia Christian is a Guyanese native who resided in the Eastern and Southern Caribbean regions for several years before migrating to the United States of America.  She currently works as a Supply Chain Strategic Quality/R&D professional in the semiconductor manufacturing industry and resides in the state of Arizona with her husband and son. She is a PMP-certified Chemical Engineer, thought leadership influencer, and visionary with extensive high-tech industry experience.

Kingdom Principles

She has strategically applied kingdom principles and her vast corporate business leadership experience to enable encouragement and healing; leading to the life transformation of corporate business professionals, entrepreneurs, and spiritual leaders facing adversities in their career and personal life journeys. 

For almost two decades, she has coached, delivered diverse perspectives, and shaped options and beliefs of a host of leaders from corporate employees,  business owners, and pastoral bases around the world with extraordinary life-changing results. She has mentored, supported, and ministered to experienced leaders, as well as technology pioneers from underserved communities with winning business strategies and technology skills. Saskia’s counsel equips her clients for personal growth and elevates them to a whole new business experience.

Author and Speaker

Saskia is a first-time published author this year with her contribution to the book: “Turning the Tables: From Corporate Victim to Undercover Victor” for a Platform for Purpose cohort publication by Epiphany Institute. Her professional career story has been featured in the first-time-ever STEMconnector Semiconductor e-book “ Connecting the world is STEM”. She has appeared as a Women in Engineering panelist at ASME Interpack conference held October’22 in Garden Grove, CA. Saskia also has one joint research publication on the use of solid Polymeric heat exchanger devices for thermally-driven desalination processes in the American Chemical Society and the Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research journals. 

She is an avid life learner who is steadfast in her commitment to personal and spiritual development in her quest to help others. She graduated from CFTN ( Church for the Nations) ministry school in May’21.

Life Transformation Coach Certification

She is also currently enrolled in a Life Transformation Coach certification program offered by the internationally renowned coach agency Life Impact LLC. Her prime focus is on encouraging others she encounters personally and professionally at every opportunity she gets. Her desire is to experience a well-fulfilled life and be a powerful testament to the huge victories one can enjoy – even after setbacks – through the power of resilience and unyielding determination.

Become the best version of YOURSELF

In addition to overcoming her own life journey challenges, she has a proven track record of altruistically developing others across multiple life dimensions, so that they can become the best version of themselves. Overall, she has amassed and successfully executed several golden nuggets from her multidisciplinary corporate career and prophetic-focused ministry experience. She is ready to officially make them available to you under her business brand BoostThruTM via a phone app, as well as in-person conferences and workshops.