Resilience Workshop

Saturday, July 13, 2024 10:30 am – 12:30 pm [PST]

Discover the Victor in You: Unleash Your True Potential!!!

Saskia presents her Resilience Workshop

This Resilience Workshop is a highly interactive virtual workshop experience that elucidates the seven gifts of resilience namely perspective change, perseverance, adaptability, healthy relationships, self-control, compassion and Open door to wisdom, and also fosters profound reflection on our 5-step action plan.

Who is This Workshop For?

We are calling all professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate execs who are struggling with overcoming obstacles in their life and work and need:

► Growth Mindset

► Self-Awareness

► Emotional Intelligence

► Adaptability

► Goal Setting

► Support Network

And those who WANT to create a more purpose-driven, empowered life and are ready for some support on making that happen.

Saskia Christian
What You Will Get

The content of this workshop will provide incredible insight into the foundational aspects of Resilience for your healing, empowerment and navigation of life’s challenges. In this virtual workshop, you will also experience the gifts of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence such as Self-Control, Compassion and Open door to Wisdom. You will walk away with new connections to like-minded individuals and widen your support network.

Together We Will Study
  • What it means to be resilient
  • How grace can play a critical role in combination with resilience
  • How to develop and implement resilience and grace strategies through life phases
  • The Power of Self-Control in building Resilience
  • The Transformative Role of Compassion in cultivating Resilience 
  • How to Unlock the door to wisdom through Resilience and Emotional Intelligence
Attendees will learn how to…
  • Become a passionate and purpose-driven player
  • Master Self-regulation to inspire trust and achieve excellence 
  • Balance their work and life activities
  • Yield results and credentials for their competencies
  • Be noticed for their hard work
  • Transform their mindset to achieve the BEST version of themselves!

Who is Saskia and Why Learn From Her?

Saskia has her Life Transformation and Trauma Informed Coach Certifications from the internationally renowned coach agencies Life Impact LLC and the International Trauma Institute. Her prime focus is on encouraging others she encounters personally and professionally at every opportunity she gets. Her desire is to experience a well-fulfilled life and be a powerful testament to the huge victories one can enjoy – even after setbacks – through the power of resilience and unyielding determination.

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Become the best version of YOURSELF

In addition to overcoming her own life journey challenges, she has a proven track record of altruistically developing others across multiple life dimensions, so that they can become the best version of themselves. Overall, she has amassed and successfully executed several golden nuggets from her multidisciplinary corporate career and prophetic-focused ministry experience. She is ready to officially make them available to you under her business brand BoostThruTM via a phone app, as well as in-person conferences and workshops.

What Others Are Saying…

The BoostThru Resilience Workshop session was very enlightening. It cause me to actually take a moment and evaluate all aspects of my life. Saskia’s presentation skills and ability to connect with her audience is outstanding. I would definitely recommend attending one of the BoostThru resiliency sessions. — Shenella Minns Benjamin

“If you’re looking to enhance your resilience skills, this virtual Resilience workshop is a must-attend. The practical and effective strategies taught have already made a positive impact in my life. It was highly interactive and offered lots of opportunities for reflection on my Resilience journey. I look forward to attending more sessions with facilitator Saskia. Don’t miss out on this empowering opportunity!” – Montricia

“I recently attended a highly interactive and virtual resilience workshop hosted by Saskia Christian and it was absolutely incredible! The workshop was designed to teach practical and effective resilience strategies that can be applied in both personal and professional lives. I must say, it exceeded all my expectations.

The workshop was engaging from start to finish. The facilitator Saskia did an excellent job of creating a safe and supportive environment, where participants could freely share their experiences and learn from one another. The interactive activities and group discussions were thought-provoking and helped us gain a deeper understanding of resilience.

What I loved the most about this workshop was the practicality of the strategies taught. Saskia didn’t just provide theoretical knowledge, but also guided us in applying the strategies to real-life situations. We were given practical exercises and tools that we could implement immediately in our personal and professional lives. Saskia was knowledgeable and passionate about the subject, making the learning experience even more enriching.

Overall, I highly recommend this resilience workshop to anyone looking to enhance their resilience skills. Whether you’re facing personal setbacks or seeking to thrive in your professional life, this workshop will equip you with practical strategies and tools to navigate through any adversity. Trust me, attending this workshop will be a game-changer for you!” – Carla Vaughn