Today, we are moving toward a culture where leadership capabilities like listening and empathy are measurably critical to employee engagement and team performance, not just “soft skills” reserved for the HR department. Organizations are more open to flexible work arrangements than they once thought impossible. The stigma of pursuing entrepreneurship, while employed, is diminishing, as employers see the benefits of diverse experiences both in and outside the workplace. Additionally, leading organizations are moving beyond lip service surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion, to shaping policies that support it.

The key to building a future of work where both employees and the bottom line thrive is equipping individuals at all levels to create it.
In this book, the 13 authors address challenges faced by leaders, individual contributors, and even entrepreneurs, that are not necessarily new, but whose impact is significantly changing the way we live, work, and lead today.

Specifically, Saskia shares tactics to reclaim your power when you feel professionally marginalized. She, as a life transformation coach, teaches you how to tap into the resilience power, that is already in you!

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