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Tap into your resilience power with this effective life-coaching support coming soon on your phone, with our BoostThruTM app for Android and iPhone.

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What you will find in our app

This powerful spiritual tool is available within the app for free to meet clients’ on-demand intercession prayer needs. System-directed daily promises, blessing and favor declaration prayers, affirmation prayers, Thanksgiving prayers, Psalms, praying guidance, and situational breakthrough prayers are also accessible to clients for free within the PrayThru portal.

Personal life and career development coaching are delivered through in-app texting with return messaging on keywords functionality as well as through one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Coaching focus areas addressed are mindset, confidence, self-esteem, stress, communication, resilience, social skills, conflict management, career coaching, targeted employee development, spiritual and personal development through self-discovery, and purpose fulfillment.

Powerful seasonal praise and worship tools are accessible on demand through songs, meditation, sermons, devotions, and prophecies to effect spiritual and mental nourishment, wounds healing, generational curses breaking, self-discovery, life purpose and passion fulfillment, cleansing from the past and overall life and career winning.

Clients are offered several highly customized spiritual motivation and coaching resources for their personal and business life transformation and healing. Those include in-app on-demand seasonal and situational spiritual nourishment tools, books, sermons, meditation, worship songs, and coaching conferences. If you are that business or spiritual leader facing personal life trauma challenges, workplace adversities, career life stagnation, company layoffs, or church hurt, this tailored and inclusive approach will provide the most effective therapeutic and breakthrough healing, bounce-back power, and self-confidence boost.

A pay-it-forward life transformation coaching service is available to students through one-on-one anonymous paired interactions for the purpose of equipping tomorrow’s leaders and pioneers with winning mindset and workforce tools. Special pricing upon student ID upload.

Meet Saskia Christian, Founder and President of BoostThruTM

For decades, I have coached a host of leaders from corporate employees, and business owners, to pastoral bases around the world, bringing them encouragement, healing, and inspiration with extraordinary life-changing results. I have mentored experienced leaders and technology pioneers from underserved communities with winning business strategies and technology skills, equipping them for personal growth and business experience elevation. Let me and my team be your support in this season.

What our clients say about us

I can’t say enough about how Saskia has helped me steer my way to positive thinking during my career. She has always reminded me to show up with my authentic self and believe that I am capable of more than I imagine and deserving of that dream job. She has always been an inspiration to me, from authoring uplifting material, sharing her experiences, and helping me pursue professional certifications. I am grateful for having her in my corner and hope you enjoy the difference she’ll make in your journey too.

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