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If you are a professional struggling with trauma or chronic PTSD, or a corporate executive in need of help to maximize your resilience and influential power to move from stuck to unstoppable, you knocked on the right door!

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Meet Saskia Christian, Founder and President of BoostThruTM

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For decades, I have coached a host of leaders from corporate employees, and business owners, to pastoral bases around the world, bringing them encouragement, healing, and inspiration with extraordinary life-changing results. I have mentored experienced leaders and technology pioneers from underserved communities with winning business strategies and technology skills, equipping them for personal growth and business experience elevation. Additionally, I have received the Life Transformation and Trauma-Informed Coach certifications from the internationally renowned coach agencies: Life Impact LLC and the Trauma Institute International.

What our clients say about Saskia’s Coaching:

I can’t say enough about how Saskia has helped me steer my way to positive thinking during my career. She has always reminded me to show up with my authentic self and believe that I am capable of more than I imagine and deserving of that dream job. She has always been an inspiration to me, from authoring uplifting material, sharing her experiences, and helping me pursue professional certifications. I am grateful for having her in my corner and hope you enjoy the difference she’ll make in your journey too.

May 2024 – Saskia becomes an official contributor of Brainz Magazine

Newly Published Resources for Your Journey

Saskia is a contributing author in two significant works that were published this year: On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading, and You Are Enough. Purchase these invaluable resources to learn more about resilience and how to implement this amazing inner power in your day-to-day life.

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