There is no one in the world who is quite like you

The value of your personal brand and how to leverage it

Lives are better because you’re in them

As I simmer in the ocean breeze of my homeland, I reflect on the conversation I had moments ago with a few island natives. As second nature, my superpower EMPATHY kicked in. It was effortless. I actively listened and started encouraging them to intentionally pursue their differentiators to fulfill their passion and purpose on their life journey. I implored them to start chasing down their dreams on purpose and live each day as if it was their last. After all, we all have a golden opportunity to live exceptionally daily and die once. Remember, there’s no one in the world who is quite like you! We simply can’t afford to miss the maximum utilization of our personal brand strengths for a greater purpose. Your uniqueness is vital to everyone who comes in contact with you. Lives are better because you’re in them. 

Be relevant

Those natural superpower strengths that are dominant, make you relevant and set you apart from the crowd. What attributes can you provide consistently better than everyone else? What value stream can you confidently deliver with excellence for social upliftment and benefit? It dawned on me. What if I didn’t allow my superpower to be my life compass? I may not have become the published author and the life transformation coach that I am today.

Built up to conquer

Superpowers are forged through passion and mastery, says Danny Gutknecht, CEO and co-founder of recruitment and leadership advisory firm Pathways and coauthor of Meaning at Work and Its Hidden Language. “When you are fueled by that internal passion, it will not only make you happy but motivate you to greater action, even if it means hard work or other sacrifices.”

Your personal brand

You see all strong brands have superpowers. Your superpower is one of the driving forces behind your personal brand along with values, passions, differentiators, purpose, and goals. We should never prioritize addressing our weaknesses over leveraging our strengths. We also should not be caught up in what others in society are doing. That can be quite detrimental to your life purpose plan manifestation. We should only be concerned with what’s successful for us and leverage that at maximum capability in the world. When you stay in your lane, and leverage your characteristics, you go further, you go faster!

Identify your superpowers

I know your curiosity is peaking about how to identify those superpower strengths within you. As I was talking with my fellow island people, I realized what had attracted them to open up to me in the first place. They couldn’t resist that life encourager potency I carry. It caused them to confess their natural competitive advantages, what their dreams and aspirations were, and what’s been keeping them from living the best version of their lives. You will also discover what your superpower is when you ask the question “What do people come to me for? “ or when you check your past performance reviews, recommendations, and testimonials.

Let me leave you with some nuggets of wisdom on how to discover those game-changing and show-stopping superpowers. These have the power to transform your life.

What motivates you

Firstly, you must ask yourself a series of questions about your own drive:

  1. What requires minimum effort for maximum output? What activities do I effortlessly shine in?
  2. What is my flow zone of genius where I perform at my peak level with so much enjoyment I completely lose track of time?
  3. Am I an excellent problem solver? Do I find it easy? Does it come naturally?
  4. Am I a creative visionary who can deliver innovative elements with excellence in almost any environment? Do I see patterns that others don’t see?
  5. Am I an exceptional storyteller who brings presentations to life and motivates others to buy into my proposal or idea? 
  6. Am I an observer who is keen at capturing all the details of an event or project?
  7. Am I overflowing with grit or resiliency that’s infectious? Do I persevere when others quit? Do I inspire people around me because of my passion in some areas?

Enjoyment, ease, natural flow: pay attention to what you are feeling, and you will surely find out all your superpowers and put them to good use.

What they say about you

Another area of review is what others are saying about you and your output, and how they react around you.

  1. How do I amaze or captivate others?
  2. What is the feedback I receive from others all the time? Are your friends telling you that your stories are fascinating, that you have a nack to tell tales?
  3. Are people complimenting my photos all the time and telling me that I should exhibit my artwork?
  4. Did I notice people tend to flock around me when forming teams? Am I seeing I have much influence on people around me?
  5. Am I sought out consistently to share wisdom in a specific area?
  6. Do people tend to listen to me and follow me (other than my children)?
  7. In school, what are my teachers saying about me?

This feedback reinforcement from your environment is a wonderful indication of where your superpowers are. You may discover where your superpowers reside by examining the casual or formal commentary you received. It is judicious to decipher those areas you may be completely discounting versus those where you are performing at a higher standard than you think you are. Your trusted network of family, friends, and colleagues can provide the valuable data needed to expose those dominant strength areas. For instance, one person mentioned to me that they have a love for accounting. A family member pointed her to a different industry where they would not be able to work with numbers but be in an environment that allows their warm, approachable, and upbeat persona to shine through. That superpower-activating job in turn led to them walking beautifully in purpose.

How far will you go?

Thirdly, you must ask yourself:

  1. What has the ability to motivate me to sacrifice time and money, to abandon other interests?
  2. In which area(s) am I willing to go farther?
  3. When am I FEARLESS?
  4. What areas am I willing to put my name on the line, take risks?
  5. Am I propelled by my deep passion and interest in a particular area?
  6. What area do I tend to put first, on the top of my priority list? And why?
  7. Am I inspired to learn more about a particular subject area? Am I interested in going back to school to learn something I wish I had learned earlier in life?

I urge you to reflect on a time when your work and other life experiences made you most confident. Have you felt competent and bold enough to take on risks and stretch your abilities? Your natural comfort zone activation is an excellent indicator that you have a truly dominating strength or superpower in that area.

Your superpower affects others

As I was basking unknowingly in my superpower EMPATHY, I managed to activate the superpower strengths in others on the island. The island natives I conversed with were compelled to leave the room with a different mindset of relentless pursuit of their purpose through the strategic exploitation of their superpowers. It gets me excited to see my superpower actively working to build my legacy of encouragement at a global level. When you put your superpowers to good use, your cup will overflow.

What we have inside each of us is so powerful! Don’t leave your superpowers dormant. You were designed and trained up for victory.

I urge you to tap into your superpowers for greatness!

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