Q= When will the BoostThruTM app Beta Version be available?

A= We estimate that the Beta version of our app will be available in April 2023

Q= Will it be available for iPhone?

A= We plan to release the Beta version for both the iPhone and Android operating systems

Q= Will I be able to download and use your app on my iPad?

A= Yes, you will be, as well as any other tablet using the iOS or Android operating systems.

Q= How much will the subscription to the app cost?

A= It will cost $4.99 per month to subscribe to the app and have access to all functions. We do have special pricing for students available. A student ID will be necessary to obtain this pricing.

Q= Will my information shared with my assigned life coach kept confidential?

A= Absolutely, all personal and private information will be kept confidential. Sessions will be recorded for legal purposes, but not shared unless court order is presented.