You Are Enough!


This incredible anthology “You Are ENOUGH” is a powerful compilation featuring the brilliant work of 18 talented authors, including yours truly!
Dedicated to uplifting and empowering others, “You Are ENOUGH” is a collection of personal stories that will remind you of your strength and resilience. Each chapter is filled with heartfelt wisdom, motivating you to keep pushing forward in life.
Discover the power of self-belief as these authors share their personal journeys and remind you that you CAN do it! This anthology is a testament to the fact that you are ENOUGH, just as you are.

Saskia Christian, Life Transformation and Trauma-Informed Coach

This story embodies resilience as it portrays the unwavering determination of a young woman who overcame challenging circumstances. Despite the absence of her father and limited financial resources, she held onto her dream of achieving success and breaking free from societal limitations. Through her perseverance, she seized the opportunities presented to her and defied all obstacles, ultimately finding her true purpose and embracing her unique identity.
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