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In 2022, Saskia Christian has created a platform called BoostThru to provide corporate executive leaders and business professionals with the tools, resources, and strategies to lead with authenticity, maximize their influential power, heal from trauma, and burnout, and become unstoppable in their personal and professional lives. She teaches her clients to tap into their resilience power, communicate effectively, and become engaged and forward-thinking team leaders.

Saskia is a certified life transformation and trauma-informed coach, resilience architect, speaker, and published author with almost 20 years of corporate visionary leadership experience as a PMP-certified Project Manager in the high-tech sector. For decades, her coaching of a host of leaders from corporate employees to business owners has brought encouragement, healing, and inspiration with extraordinary life-changing results.

BoostThru, A New Resilience Life Coaching Concept
Private and at Your Finger Tips 24/7

After serving as a Resilience ambassador in the corporate world, she founded BoostThru – a multi-platform life transformation service – helping executives and professionals overcome adversities by tapping into their resilience power and becoming the best version of themselves.

Saskia did not stop there, her love for people and her passion for seeing loved ones, coworkers, and clients find their resilience power and use it to achieve their life goals gets a hold of her again. So, she decides to co-author the book “On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading”, available here: On Purpose: Strategies for Living and Leading – BoostThru

In this book, Saskia equips the reader by sharing her experiences and most importantly her successes! As in all her conferences and speaking engagements, she makes sure to include practical wisdom anyone can easily implement in all areas of life.

Appearance on Celebrity Boss

Saskia was featured on the August 2023 cover of Celebrity Boss magazine and also received over 400 top news media citations from that press release.

Saskia Christian (

Featured on TV

Saskia has also made several TV show and podcast appearances discussing her resilience journey and exceptional mental wellness, leadership development solution offerings for the business community. She is your go-to expert in resilience mastery for combating professionals’ distress with purpose-driven comebacks.

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Saskia is quite active on social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where she loves to connect with her clientele.