Workshop | Tap into Your Resilience Power

Sign up today for our premium Resilience tow-hour workshop offer at an excellent pricing of $247*. This workshop is conducted by Saskia Christian, our certified expert in life transformation and informed trauma.

Content | Together we will study…

  • what it means to be resilient
  • how grace can play a critical role in combination with resilience
  • how to implement resilience and grace strategies through life phases
  • how to sustain practical resilience strategies for life

Results | Attendees will learn how to…

  • Become a passion and purpose-driven player
  • Balance their work and life activities
  • Yield results and credentials for their competencies
  • Be noticed for their hard work
  • Transform their mindset to achieve the best version of themselves

* regular price $500

Please book your workshop in our Resource Center.

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  • Seasonal Thriving Navigation
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